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Yoni Cohen-Idov, is a 2-time World Debating Champion who has mentored three generations of world debate champions to follow suit. Indeed, to this day his parents regret sending him to debate class, especially on high-holidays.
Over the past decade, Yoni has adapted his unique, self-developed methods to equip professionals of all levels with universally-applicable skills and techniques of effective message conveyance, personal and organizational communication, presentation, public speaking, leadership, and innovative and creative thinking. Yoni has worked with a multitude of F500 companies, top-tier academic institutions, and world leaders, in the USA, China, Europe and Israel. With Yoni’s methods, knowledge, experience and unique style of delivery,

Soft skills make a big impact.

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Yoni Cohen-Idov is a:

Champion 5-02
2-time World Debating Champion as contestant and coach
Executive Coach 5-02
Executive Coach and Consultant on Presentations and Message Conveyance
Senior Advisor 5-02
Senior Advisor to F500 Companies and World Leaders in the USA, Israel, China and Europe in 3 Continents
Generally 4-02
Generally-Speaking a Fine Young (?) Man

My Universal


Hilla Kaduri

Training Director, Intel

"This training should be mandatory for everyone!"

Elit Ben-Gera

Training Executive, General Motors

"The contents are unique, highly applicable, and contribute a great deal to participants’ communication skills. The workshop was exceptionally interesting and enjoyable, trainees were left thirsty for more"

Winnie Feng

Team Leader and Catalyst, SAP

"The training day was brilliant! The most inspiring I’ve ever attended! The content is rich, comprehensive, and immediately implementable"

Morit Deisy

HR Director, eBAY

"It was simply phenomenal! Participants remained enthralled throughout the process, which was useful, engaging and fun. The methods are highly valuable and easily understood"

Noa Matalon

Employee Experience Specialist, Check Point

"Yoni's training was fascinating and enriching. Yoni possesses uncanny energy, and ably simplifies complex concepts and explanations. The feedback from participants was instant and overwhelmingly positive "

Eytan Hallside

Director, Deloitte

"Yoni is one of the best in the world in what he does. He has contributed to us a great deal. His services are invaluable"

Why Specifically work with me?

A Team of Champions
Helmed by Yoni Cohen-Idov, the team of coaches are all international debate champions and proven experts in communication and presentation coaching. Based on both professional record and clients’ feedback, Yoni and his team are the best at what they do.
We maximize our clients’ potential.
Unique, Practical Methods-01
Unique, Practical Methods
Our unique techniques have all been developed in-house, and emphasize practicality and simplicity.
You can apply them successfully tomorrow.
Extraordinary Learning Experience
We guarantee participants will enjoy an exceptional and enjoyable learning experience just as much as they will value its results.
Success to us is not just results.
It’s also delight in the process.
Proven International Success
We have worked with some of the world’s largest companies and most important institutions to their unprecedented satisfaction.
You are welcome to join.

So what do I actually do?

Keynote Lecture
A fascinating and exceptionally entertaining 75-90 minute talk which conveys the basis of our methods: How to find the right message, phrase it effectively, deliver it persuasively, and overcome resistance. The keynote lecture is sure to enthrall any audience, and is highly interactive and engaging in nature
No Participant Limit
Learning Days
Our full-day or half-day trainings allow for both in-depth learning and, more importantly, an emphasis on practice and individual feedback for participants. Enriching, extraordinarily enjoyable, with ample practice activities – this is our most effective and popular training format for company-wide impact
Participants: 12-16
Skill Building Teams
Teams or groups within the company can move mountains when aligned and communicating with each other – and externally – in an effective, clear and persuasive manner. Skill-Building Teams is a module designed for repeated sessions over the course of 1-3 months, that maximize both skill development and team cohesion
Participants: 3-8
Executive Master Classes
Private, personalized (and discreet) coaching and consultation, either for a specific goal such as an important presentation, speech, pitch or discussion, or to generally enhance one’s message conveyance, persuasion, communication and public speaking skills. All Executive Master-Classes are bespoke to the needs of the Executive, and last between one week and 24 months.
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